SEEK DAILY (Nigerian Baptist Convention) Saturday, March 28

SEEK DAILY (Nigerian Baptist Convention) Saturday, March 28


Bible Text: Malachi 3:7-12


RBT Passage: 1 Samuel 19-21

‘Will a man rob God: Yet you rob me. But you ask, ‘How do we rob you?’ ‘In tithes and offering’. Malachi 3:8

In recent times, the doctrine of giving (particularly tithing) came under serious scrutiny. Various opinions were expressed on the social media.

It is true that there are abuses in the way tithes and other offerings are being administered in some churches, but to condemn paying tithe will amount to throwing the baby away with the bath water.
From today’s passage, we need to note that:
1. Tithing is part of God’s decrees which when the Israelites rejected made them suffer rejection as well (v. 7);
2. God ordered them to return to Him by once again bringing their tithes (v . 7b, 10);
3. God accused them of robbery because they were defaulting in tithes and offerings and a curse was the consequence (v . 8-9); and
4. God dared them to test Him and see the blessings that will follow. God has never failed and He will not start now . Robbing God is like inviting wrath and damage to one’s life.
Do not be deceived and never base your judgment about God’s standard of doing things on public opinion but on God’s Word. Stop robbing God. Pay your tithes and offerings. Take away the curse and attract God’s blessings.Insight: ‘Giving in a regular, disciplined, generous way – up to and beyond the tithe – is simply good sense in view of the promises of God.’ – John Piper

Prayer: God, please forgive my indebtedness to you and help me to obey you.

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