The Hidden Nature of God

Brethren, today’s feast of the Holy Trinity reveals the “inside information about the nature of God” and it is all good news. It is a story of profound love. I hear this same idea about ‘inside information’ among the young couples; whenever I ask on how they became engaged.

•They often say something like, “This person knew everything about me, everything deep inside me; despite my weaknesses.. but still loved me!” It’s paramount to know, the first moments of true love can be quite powerful and satisfying, yet still intensely private. After marriage, if they are blessed with children, their love changes from a focus only privately on themselves as a couple to outwardly toward the care of their children.


•When we pray, “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,” we publicly proclaim the inside nature of God, which is this same profound love. That is the truth of things and we like to know the truth.

•That means one can also be “brought into” this relationship of the Holy Trinity, the family of God. Jesus wants this inside message of God’s love brought out to the whole world! No secret here, and all are welcome! Make sure you do your part to help make that love happen.

•Let other people see by the way you live your life that you have felt this love of God. How you talk, how you act, and how you behave will affirm you have this love of God within you.

•Know that you can make a profound difference in your family, your workplace, or your school if you do. You do not want anyone to miss out on this “inside” true and authentic gift!
Therefore, we are reminded of that gift of love every time we pray, “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”


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