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Biography of Autan Zaki Ikon Allah, Networth and awards

Biography of Autan Zaki Ikon Allah (Victor Micah Bulus)
Biography of Autan Zaki Ikon Allah (Victor Micah Bulus)

Autan Zaki is indeed Radical and fearless!!! Who Preaches and says the truth via songs and words to power anywhere anytime!!! Telling leaders in authority, both religious, political and royal their wrongs to repent or face the wrath of God. He hates seeing people being marginalized or the downtrodden being manipulated or maltreated. He can go to any length to fight for justice. Indeed Apostle Victor AUTAN ZAKI Is a voice to the voiceless.


Born Victor Micah Bulus popularly known as Autan Zaki Ikon Allah. He is a great LEGEND and ICON, RADICAL, FEARLESS and FIRE BRAND Apostle of the undiluted Gospel. A great motivational speaker in both the secular and Gospel world. He is a writer and a singer with numerous albums and books to his name. Many have likened him to Bishop Benson Idahosa and Baba Paul Gindiri of his own generation, due to his audacity, carisma and fearlessness, in both the Gospel and the Political world.



Apostle Victor AUTAN ZAKI was born to the family of Chief Micah Manti Bulus & Mama Milkah Bulus. Hails from Akiya village of Kurmi LGA Taraba State and Kwah Villege, Lamurde Adamawa State Nigeria. He is Tigun by tribe.


He started his Nursery School in Army Command Yola (Then Gongola)
Primary Education From Mohammed Tukur Primary School to Model Nursery and Primary School, Jalingo Taraba State.

He attended:

Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Jalingo.
Government Science Secondary school, Jalingo.
Federal Science and Technical College Jalingo respectively for his secondary education.

He furthered his high school education and graduated from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) Bauchi Bauchi State.

He did his National Youth Service (NYSC) at Delta State, WARRI precisely.


Nigerian Institute Of Management (Chartered)
Jobskills Training Institute. A training provider of the renowned OSH Academy USA.


Autan Zaki is a Veteran and Multiple Award winning Gospel music minister. Celebrated within and outside Nigeria. Due to the gravity of his positive impact, The Northern College of Bishops Inc. Turbaned him Emir (Sarkin Waka) Of Gospel Music in Nigeria. He was also ordained as an Apostle. That gave him the authority to appear in royal regalia, royal attires, and apostolic cassocks to propagate the undiluted Gospel without fear of intimidation
or compromise.

Manzo or better still Apostle Victor AUTAN ZAKI, Is a role model to many. He mentored both the young and old. He is the first artiste who founded, invented and started Kalangu Gospel music in a modern contemporary way in the history of Music in Nigeria. He made kalangu and shantu music lovable by all and sundry. He received numerous awards as the founder and pioneer of Kalangu and Shantu Gospel Music in Nigeria.

Due to his influence and mentorship. Today many are switching from their own style of music to kalangu and shantu Gospel music. His influence in the Hausa Gospel music ministry cannot be over emphasized. This has earned him respect and numerous Awards by different bodies and organizations within and outside nigeria.


The minister is one who believes in Justice and fairness and has severally involved himself in political happenings within his home state, Taraba and the Nation at large. He released songs aimed at calling out the government to initiate programs that are of benefit to the society. It will be wrong if I say he isn’t stubborn. Yes! But not arrogant or rude! He is highly principled and disciplined too.


He is a loving and caring husband to his beautiful and charming wife Queen Laazere Victor and a loving and caring father to his lovely and beautiful daughter Princess El-berith Victor. One thing you cannot take away from him, is the love and attention he has for his family no matter what! And the love he has for his mother cannot be overlooked.


This great icon and minister of the Gospel, Founded, headed and Presided over many ministries and Organizations. Some of which include the following:

1. The President End time Revival Crusaders Mission International. (Autan Zaki Gospel Network).
2. The emir in charge of AREWA GOSPEL MUSIC PALACE (AGOMPA)
3. The Pioneer National President of kalangu and shantu Gospel Music Ministers Association
of Nigeria. (KASHGOMMAN)
4. The President, Coalition of Northern Gospel Talent (CONOGOTA).
5. The President National Youth Discovery And Creativity initiative (NYCN)

He is always busy and engaged due to high demands on him to always be a blessing to the people of God. Through preaching the word and also ministering in songs.

Apostle Victor AUTAN ZAKI is a graduate of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) Bauchi Bauchi State. years back, with numerous Professional Certificates and Academic, secular and music Awards both National and International Awards. He started singing at an early stage of his life. For more than 20 years now. He celebrated his 20th years anniversary in Music ministry 2018 in Taraba State Nigeria with a release of a Gospel music album titled Sako Ga Shugaban Kasa Episode Two. Ba Ja Da Baya Five. It was indeed mind blowing. As people came out in mass to celebrate this great ICON. the Church was filled to capacity as usual. Same is always recorded in his annual Programs.

The legendary Apostle is also a business man who always encourage people to be self reliant. He is the founder and CEO of AUTAN ZAKI MULTI-PURPOSE ENTERPRISE. His love for humanity and sacrifice for the less privilege made him to establish and register the AUTAN ZAKI GLOBAL FOUNDATION INC.

The legendary Apostle AUTAN ZAKI, is passionate about helping the needy, most especially the widows orphans and the less privileged. He empowers the youths and encourages them to utilize their God given talent to be self reliant.

The Autan Zaki Global Foundation is a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation that is interested in assisting the orphans, widows, less-privilege, defending the women and the girl-child against violence. Which also hope to engage in Community Development Projects in our locales for positive impact.


This great Apostle and Veteran Musician and humanitarian. Always pray and wish that many will join the kalangu and shantu style and genre of music. Because it is another fastest means to promulgate the undiluted Gospel.

He always encourage the music ministers to be united and live in peace and love with one another. Because Autan Zaki always believe in working as a team in peace and unity. His dreams and expectations to achieve the aforementioned can not be overemphasized.

You can know more about the Legendary, Veteran and Multiple Award winning Musician and Apostle of the undiluted Gospel. HRH. Apostle Amb. Victor Micah Bulus Autan Zaki Ikon Allah (Sarkin Waka Gospel Emir) via the social media handles below.

*Facebook: AutanZaki Ikon Allah
*Twitter: Autan_Zaki
*Instagram: Autan_Zaki

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