Developing an Effective Personality [Pastor Chris Oyakhilome]

But you shall recieve power(ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you,…(Acts 1:8 AMP)

Often, people ask how they can become more effective in their work or in life generally; they want to know how to develop an effective personality. Well, irrespective of the job you do, God wants you to be an effective person, not just at your job, or in restricted areas of your life but all-round. If you’re an effective person, you’ll be effective in anything. That’s why you have to develop an effective personality.

The Holy Spirit living in you already gives you the advantage, for we read in our opening verse that “…you shall recieve power(ability, efficiency(or effectiveness), and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you…” It is one thing to have or recieve something, but another thing to recognize, cultivate it and put it to work. So how then do you develop yourself into an effective personality, having received the Holy Spirit? Firstly, be focused. Maintain a clear focus on the goal, target or task at hand. If it’s your job, an assignment or a special project, whatever it is, have a clear focus.


Secondly, have a good understanding of the subject matter; understand the job definition and requirements for the project or task and everything that has to do with your expectations. In other words, know what needs to be done, and the results expected. Then thirdly, have a clear determination for real success-lasting success. You’ve got to be determined, motivated, challenged and driven by the joy of success.

Then, fourthly, corresponding action; you’ve got to act. You can’t lazy away and expect things to work; you must take the necessary action. Those who win in life in any field are those who take action, so take the necessary action. Then finally, be consistent and dilligent! Stick with the task at hand. Stay on the job till it’s done; don’t make or accept excuses for failure. Refuse mundanity and choose to be absolutely proficient. And then of course, recognize and take advantage of the wisdom of God that’s available to you in Christ Jesus. If you’d put all these to work, you’ll be effective and successful in what you do.

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