THE POWER OF CALMNESS (Daily Spiritual Strength)

Daily Spiritual Strength
Saturday, 17 April 2021


TEXT: Ecclesiastes 10:4 “If your boss is angry at you, don’t quit! A quiet spirit can overcome even great mistakes.”
Solomon is saying in today’s text that, it is safer and better to yield to an angry ruler than to contend with him. Every wise and good leader could easily forgive those who are submissive even when serious offence is committed. When our rulers are upset, for no good reason, let us not cause more problems with our reaction. If we quietly do our work without getting upset, our employers or superiors will probably get over their anger and calm down. If we have misunderstanding with those in authority, we should not walk out in temper or resign. We should rather take an objective look at ourselves and maybe we will see reason we should apologize.
We have several master-servant relationships that really require patience.
It is worse when the superior is not considered to be worthy of the position he occupies. Circumstances beyond our control might unfairly place someone above us (Ecclesiastes 10:5-7). A subordinate that is suddenly promoted above his superior will want to do everything possible to prove his authority. He would not be happy that his authority is undermined. This is also applicable to marriage relationship. Actions and reactions to prove our rights can cause serious damage and broken home. Even when serious errors are committed, a calm reaction and timely apology can bring about forgiveness.
As Christians, the admonition to “make every effort to live in peace with all men” will help us to remain calm and make effort to resolve every relationship crisis without flaring up (Hebrews 12:14).

PRAYER: Father Lord, give me the spirit of calmness in Jesus Name. Amen

INSIGHT: “Calmness is power.

Operation Cover to Cover: 1 Kings 13 – 16

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