God’s Friends’ will ask for apology to others!”

It is God’s mind that we must be completely saved. But this salvation work begins in us only when we have a living faith in the Word of God and obey them. For example, how many people today are interested to humble themselves? (Luke 18:14).

Whether people today have ever apologized to any humans for any reason, it can be said that there is almost no one. They have the feeling that if they apologize to others, they will be underestimated by others. It is true that when you confess your sin and ask for forgiveness to others, you are underestimated … However, people thus underestimating are Earthly people! When you are underestimated by this kind of people, you are sure to be exalted in the eyes of God!! But this incomprehensible thought is not with the public today! It is an obvious fact that when you accept the truth and humble yourself with the truth, you will rise to the glory of God. So forget about the foolish people who are dishonouring you! Because you are honoured by God!! All we need is only that….! You have now made the move to become a “good friend” with God.


“Humility” is a good land for spiritual prosperous life! Spiritual growth in this land can bring forth a great deal of “spiritual fruit.”

Our Loving Father! Give us the thought of humility to humble ourselves and apologize to others! It is our privilege to be friends with You, not before humans! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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