How To Be A Good Woman [Being Virtuous] Proverbs 31:10-31

How To Be A Good Woman

A man is not another woman and a woman is not another man. The concept of love from the perspective of a man, is far different from what love is for a woman. The Bible said, when God brought man into being, man’s focus was purpose, destiny, honour and authority and everything God has given him.


Everytime you talk of love from man’s perspective, it means two things;

1. Honor

2. Respect

No matter how you claim or thinking you love a man, if that concept of love does not translate to genuine honor or respect, you have not love that man by his definition.

Ladies, understand this, when it comes to dealing with man, man can kill because of respect. Sister, your beauty can fail at once like a leaf, if you disrespect a brother.

Is not about ego, ladies thinks is ego, is our configuration by design. You will never get the best of a man, if you do not understand what love is from the perspective of the man.

When you respect the guy, when you respect his assignment, you respect his call, you respect his purpose….that is the circumference of what love means for a guy.

Ladies, never forget this;

Your primary ministry or a fixed ministry, God has put for every lady is to be an help meet for the man. So, it doesn’t matter what crusade you have to do in the future. For God said, it is not good for the man I have created and given an assignment be alone and I will make a help meet. And the Bible said, her desire shall be to her husband.

So, when you love the man, you honor him. Sarah called Abraham lord, is not a sign of worship. The word “lord” means I esteem you. There is a beautiful position God has given a man and a woman. Ladies, this is very important, there is a satanic movement, trying to awaken women “to their rightful place” and while that has worked well, it has crossed the boundary. Where lady believe they can be everything.

There are all kind of foundations rising up, orchestrated by demons that are bringing ladies into rebellion against their husbands and in the home. Your respect for the man especially when you get married, is not just a function of his ability to provide alone. If your respect for the man is tied just to his ability to provide, then you are violating scriptures…because agape is love without condition.

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by Apostle Joshua Selmam

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