Bishop David Oyedepo ~ One Of The Biggest Secret Of The Game Of life.

I attended my first Christian conference in 1970 and the theme for that conference was :God is not slow”. The word “God is not slow” was fired into my spirit. He makes all things in his time, GIVE ME THE REST OF PATIENCE.

Even if you are first class and 5.0, there is no way you can be appointed a Vice Chancellor.


And then, beyond first class, in Banking and Finance , you can never be called by any mistake the Governor of central bank. What you did was paper financing, and what they are doing now is experiential financing and exposure financing. YOU DON’T HAVE IT!

Yes, you will be a first class Vice Chancellor tomorrow but you will travel through a second degree first to prove that, that first class is not fake. Then you will start as assistant lecturer if they have a job for you. Then you will go through your PHD program which will take you minimum of 3years. And the you start from lecturer 2. When there is vacancy and you are doing well, you go to lecturer 1.

Now, and you are still faithful and you are productive, you will become lecturer 1. Before you now become senior lecturer, where you will now have to be marking time until when there is vacancy and you are found suitable, then you become a reader(that means, you have just started reading). And then, someday you emerge a professor.

Now, you now a junior professor. There were those professing before you.
Now, you now became the Vice Chancellor, the Secretary of the council is your boss. And when the Secretary of the council pass your name to the Chancellor, your case is becoming tough.. THAT’S LIFE!

May the patience that produces the best for anyone in life, BE YOUR PORTION TODAY. Consistency is the rule of the game.

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