Limoblaze Releases Brand New E.P. Titled “The Wait”

Releases Brand New E.P. Titled “The Wait”

Present situations has forced most if not all of us to stay home which then translates to more time on our hands. My desire for putting together this short body of work is to serve to my listeners music that doesn’t only excite them and get them dancing (which is so needful in these times) but also reminds them of the sure promises of God.

Limoblaze Releases Brand New E.P. Titled “The Wait”

Unconditional: this song reminds you of that overwhelming and unconditional love of Christ.
Confidence: Reminds us of the confidence we have in Christ through His promises in His word. Proverbs 3:25-26

Tell God: We end up doing more complaining than praying, God’s end of the line is always open, talk to Him.

No longer stressing : And because I trust not in my own devices but hang on to the promises of God, I refuse to panic, I refuse to stress, I trust Totally in God. John 14:27



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About Limoblaze, Net Worth and Awards

Limoblaze (Samuel O. Imo) born on October 25th 1995 hails from Bende local govt. in Abia state Nigeria. Born and brought up in Makurdi-Benue state, discovered his musical abilities at a tender age of 8 when he started singing in the children’s church choir.

Also at this age he came in contact with rap music and started miming the songs of rappers like Eminem, 2pac, 50 cent etc. And then he went on to write his own lyrics, they weren’t good enough at first, but he kept on writing. Years went by in this practice until he became a well known lyricist in school and earned himself the nickname of “microphone 1da boy” fashioned to “1daboyofficial”.

Up to this point he never knew of Christian rap, all he rapped about was money, cars, fame ,etc. Untill he came to know and fell in love with the music of Christian rapper Lecrae and later on others like Da truth, the Ambassador, Trip lee, Kb, Andy mineo, Tedashi, Sho Baraka, swoope, Pro ,etc.