ALBUM : Download Speechless by Martins Ahmed

To be speechless is to be in a state where one lacks adequate words to express a given event or situation. You are lost for words and indeed surprised by something.

Imagine a couple who got married and patiently waited for 30 years before given birth to their first child. Think about their body language, facial expression when call upon to testify in the public. I assure you they will lack the right words to use in explaining exactly what God has done for them.

The song ‘speechless’ is an expression of how unlimited we are in expressing Gods manifold deeds in our lives. We might attempt to testify, but can certainly not be able to completely explain all he has done for us in mere words.

This is where I see God taking us to. To be lost for words and surprised at the great things He will do in our lives.

Martins Ahmed makes available all songs from his latest album title: SPEECHLESS. Its refreshing, dynamic and enriching. Download the Songs below…


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