We Have  Never Prayed To Be Great Or Prosper, We Only seek Kingdom Advancement And God Does The Rest Bishop David Oyedepo

Please remember that the greatest of our prayers is Kingdom Advancement because it comes down with answers to prayers never prayed Matthew 6:33. You can pick that from your Church here: from the beginning –

“Oh Lord, make us great” has never been prayed!


“Oh Lord, prosper us as a Church” has never been prayed!

But why are prospering?

“Oh Lord, save the lost!; Oh Lord, establish the new converts!; Oh Lord, let your Word go forth and change people’s stories!” and yet everything is happening in our favour as a Church. “Seeing many things, He observeth them not; Hearing many things, He understandeth them not; who is blind but my servant, deaf as my messenger” Isaiah 42: 18-24.

Please know when you are praying Kingdom Advancement prayer, you are securing answers to every ‘un-prayed’ prayer Matthew 6:33 – that is our prejudice for making demand “Oh Jesus, appear to me. Show me the way to go in this area. Show me the step to take in this area.” Psalm 103:7 – the encounters of this season will rewrite the story of many people and that includes your story! It will rewrite the story of many, so get connected please to praying Kingdom Advancement Prayers with all intent and purpose. I TELL YOU BY THE TIME THE DOORS TO CHURCHES ARE OPEN, THERE WILL BE FIRE because right now a lot are turning their lives over to Christ, right now a lot are finding God and finding Hope. Glory to God. You will not be left behind.

Since I got planted, I began to flourish. “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” (Isaiah 8:20). There are many ‘off and on’ believers but this man said since I got planted, I began to flourish –

“for they that are planted in the house of God, they shall flourish in the courts of our God; they shall grow up like the Cedar in Lebanon, they shall flourish like a Palm tree, they shall still bring forth fruits in old age” Psalm 92:13-14.


It’s not unspiritual to be challenged, but it’s unscriptural to be defeated. Whatever He tells you to do, DO IT (John 2:5).

Many will have several encounters that will open several new chapters in the name of Jesus Christ.

Nobody is left behind. Moses had one at 80. Samuel had his first encounter as a child. “…’Samuel’, did you call me Sir. No. Second time, ‘Samuel’ you called me. No Sir. When next you hear, say ‘speak Lord for thy servant heareth’…” as a child. At 75 for Abraham, at 80 for Moses. Every age group is covered. YOUR OWN ENCOUNTER IN THIS SEASON WILL RE-WRITE YOUR STORY.

SPEAK TO THE DAY: Here I come, you are declared a day of triumph. A day of victory. A day of testimony. A day of spectacular encounters with the resurrected Christ.

Receive grace to walk in the Spirit.

Everyone going through this season with faith, none shall return disappointed!

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