Another Hausa Christian Girl Abducted, Forcefully Converted To Islam And Married Off As A Minor

While people are praying for good things to come their way in the year 2020, the Family of Mr. Amos and Mrs. Lydia Chindo of Gidan Dio Nassarawa Tudun Wada Anchau, Kubau LGA of Kaduna State Nigeria were greeted by an unpleasant and devastating event just 4 days after the New Year celebration. It was heartbreaking to them when their daughter Sadiya Amos went missing on the night of 5th January, 2020. As every responsible parent, would do, the parents of Sadiya continue to search for their daughter on the 6th of January, 2020, but to no avail.

On 7th January 2020, Mr Amos Chindo was forced to go to a Sharia court in Anchau by some men sent from the Sharia Court without knowing any offences he committed. He wasn’t even allowed to tell his family where he was going, that was how he was forcefully taken to a Sharia Court as if he committed any criminal offence. On getting there a self-acclaimed lawyer together with the Sharia Court Judge threatened him on the falsehood that he was preventing his daughter Sadiya from converting to Islam. The said lawyer together with the judge forged a Birth Certificate and raised Sadiya’s age from less than 17 to 19 years old just to support their claim. That said lawyer who claimed to be advocating for Sadiya refused the father access to his daughter or to even know her whereabouts. After all the threat they adjourned the illegal trial to 14th January, 2020.
The Anglican Bishop of Ikara Diocese been the Presiding Bishop of the Church that the Mr. Amos’ family attend, delegated his Priests to the court on the day the case was to continue to call the court to order on the fact that both the Sadiya and her Parents are Christians and that the court being a Sharia court lacks the jurisdiction to call and judge Christians out of duress in the court.
On that 14th January, 2020, the judge didn’t listen to them or even given them the chance to speak and never even listen to Sadiya’s Parents. Instead, the Sharia judge went ahead to read his predetermined judgment and closed the case without the Sadiya in court.
Both the Hausa Christians Foundation (HACFO) and Ikara Anglican Diocese requested for the copy of the judgment from the court but it was denied to us.
As we make efforts to know the whereabouts of Sadiya and returned her back to her parents all efforts proved abortive.
As at this report Sadiya was abducted by these Muslims, converted her to Islam, denied her access to her parents and married her off without the consent of her parents which are Christians.
The case of abducting Christian Girls and their forceful conversion to Islam as well as forcing them into marriage has become a water shed issue in Northern Nigeria. The Hausa Christians Foundation in less than three years has rescued 12 of these girls out of the over 30 cases that were reported to us from across Northern Nigeria especially the Hausa Land.
The moment these girls are abducted, they are subjected to all manners of evil just to take control of their minds. Once they took hold of their minds, these girls will only do everything they are asked to do. While the parents fight for the release of their daughters, these abductors continue to sexually abuse these girls, hypnotized their food, drinks, clothes, where they sleep, perpetually evoke evil spirit upon them to the point that these girls completely lost their minds and never think of going back to their home. Usually, the moment a Christian girl is abducted they ensure that they get married to her within one or two weeks. She will be sexually abused even before the marriage to make the parents give up on her when she becomes pregnant.
The incessant kidnapping of the Christian girls and the forceful conversion to Islam is another form of Jihad in the 21st Century. They have two major aims for doing that: To inflict pain on the parents of the girl and the Christian community; and to impregnate the girl to add to their claims that Islam is the fasted growing religion in the world. They are doing it on purpose. They know that the tendency to succeed on the men is very low. That is why they resort to attacking, the ill-informed younger women to reproduce with them. We wonder how the infidels will be used to advance such a holy and clean religion like Islam. Holy people supposed to do holy things with holy people only. But we know what the religion is all about. Everything is welcome no matter how evil and inhumane, as long as it will help Allah, especially the killings, the attacking, kidnapping, raping and enslaving of Christians.
While working to secure the release of Sadiya Amos, we call on the Christian Communities to remain vigilant. This fight is becoming intense and the damages are overwhelming. May God have mercy on Nigeria and bring his perfect will to pass in Jesus Name. Amen.
Pray for us and the Family of Mr. Amos Chindo and the Christian Community at large.
God bless you!
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Source : HAFCO


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