About 30 Christian including an Anglican pastor were killed by some Islamist Militant 

It was reported that some Christian Brothers and sisters, about 30 of them and an Anglican Pastor was allegedly attacked by some suspected Islamist militants, overnight at some villages at the Republic of Congo.

The governor of Beni region, Congo attested to the fact that a total of about 36 people were attacked by this Islamic militant groups and were killed by machetes including an Anglican Pastor.

It was said that this group of killers originated first at Uganda but currently recides in Congo’s Beni region DR. Further reports claimed that the main attack took place in a place called Manzingi meanwhile the Anglican Pastor was killed at Eringeti.

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May their gentle souls rest in peace and may their blood speak on their behalf.
Dear Christians, let’s join hands together as we mourn the departure of our brethrens in the Lord!
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