Apostle Joshua Selman – Staying Power (A CHARGE) mp3 download

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Apostle Joshua Selman – Staying Power (A CHARGE) mp3 download
By TeamKingdomflavour2 – September 12, 2022
Apostle Joshua Selman – Staying Power (A CHARGE) mp3 download
Apostle Joshua Selman – Staying Power (A CHARGE)
“Staying Power” (A CHARGE) Apostle Joshua Selman, Everything in the kingdom is based on comprehension. One can participate in a spiritual exercise but not benefit from it because the activity is not understood.

One may pray, fast, or engage in other spiritual exercises, but they will never receive answers to their prayers or the blessings associated with them because they were done without understanding. Receiving anointing is also a function of understanding. Understanding is required to receive everything available in the kingdom.

Apostle Joshua Selman – Staying Power (A CHARGE) mp3 download
Apostle Joshua Selman – Staying Power (A CHARGE)
God is still cleaning a trophy, and that trophy is you. And He is meticulously coordinating the dimensions. While this is going on, you might skip meals at night because there isn’t enough food, and an ignorant person might ask, “Where is your faith?”

While that is happening to you, storms may appear to rise, and you may not even have enough money to pay for your auditorium as a man of God, see, stop being ashamed of yourself today, stop it! Did you hear what I said about going through your pain with dignity?

Apostle Joshua Selman – Staying Power (A CHARGE) mp3 download
Apostle Joshua Selman said There is no new challenge you are facing, but when you are in the company of ignorant people, they will make it appear as if the Word is not working. There is the threshing floor of naboth, where men are made in the furnace of affliction. Crushing olives yields oil, while crushing grapes yields wine.

Apostle Joshua Selman, God is sculpting you; I’ve warned you that this version of you is not the one your future seeks; this version is the ill version; be patient! This is the weak version; please be patient! Be patient, this is the uneducated version! No guy is welcoming you now, man of God; don’t kill yourself; it doesn’t mean you’re not anointed; it just means the people who should be inviting the version of you God is developing aren’t yet in your proximity. Stay close to God!

Your company is collapsing, and people make it seem as if the whole world is depending on you; please relax, disease is eating you up, and people are wondering where your faith is; see, don’t allow foolish people rob you of your benefits; this is a school.

“Staying Power” (A CHARGE) In the circular environment, you pass by how many questions you did not fail, however in reality, you pass by how many questions you can honourably fail and yet pass through. When life gives you a scar, appreciate it; that is why you have a crown on your head. Please accept my encouragement! Only liars would claim that they were created from birth; everyone passes through seasons.

Apostle Joshua Selman, Staying Power (A CHARGE) There are certain cups that you cannot pray away, and no amount of fasting will remove them; instead, you are granted the Grace to pass through them. Please pay attention to what I’m saying.

Please don’t be embarrassed of your wounds; instead, bear the cross with proudly to Golgotha, knowing that a crown awaits you. True, Jesus died, but He died just for three days. Don’t feel embarrassed by death. If that means weeping, cry! I want to encourage you, my life is a witness, when you pass through with God, the ultimate result is glory. Please don’t be embarrassed to beg grace to remain.

We feel this really benefited you; please share so that someone else might see and read it and be blessed as well. Staying Power (A CHARGE) by Apostle Joshua Selman


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