Breaking News: Christians denied access to place of worship

The Catholic COMMUNITY of ABU Zaria Kongo Campus (ST. Augustin of Hippo Chapel Kongo Campus) Were Yesterday Denied Access Into The Multi- Purpose Hall Where They Have Been Celebrating Mass for the Past 15 Years.

The Mass was celebrated outside when a directive was received from the office of the Director instructing that the Church returns the letter of permission to worship in the wall that was issued to them 15 years ago until when a permanent site is approved for them.


15 years down the lane, no permanent site, now, the hall has been denied.

We call on the University management and the Nigerian Government to either approve the permanent site or reopen the Hall for their Worship.

Right to Worship is the fundamental human right of every Nigerian.

In a Federal University as ABU, such act is an uncivilized manner of treating Nigerian Citizens.

Pray for the Church in Northern Nigeria.
The Church of Christ shall continue to March on in Jesus Name. Amen!


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