Steps to reduce battery consumption on your smartphone

The fact that modern smartphones are in use at the moment have a modern design, and daily applications are managed with them, just as computers are managed in a large number of applications. The charger is also prone to overheating during use.


Screen brightness is also a way of slowing down the charging process on Phones. So you see, there is a light control system on each device, there is an Auto; stop the phone will control the light in different places. If a person is out in the dark it will increase the screen brightness for example, so if it is in the light it will increase the ability to see and control his phone. Then there is the system that one can add manually from 1 – 100 that is manual. Therefore reducing the brightness on the phone screen will help to reduce charging. In addition to the rapid charging caused by screen illumination, there is a problem affecting the health of the human eye.



That is, the sound of an incoming call on the phone or an alarm and so on. You see, there are people who are constantly being called or texted, and they leave their phone ringing at a very high level, which makes the phone charge faster. So it is better to reduce the Volume exactly for example this will reduce the charging of the phone. However, there are situations in which a person may conduct his business, such as a market or a place where there is a lot of noise. This is the reason why a person turns off the sound of his phone, and later shuts down when he leaves.


Especially colorists, beauticians or sculptors. They contribute to the consumption of the phone. Because you can see they are very bright, they quickly charge the phone. Because it is better to use a wallpaper that does not have many colors and is not very bright.


That is the screen rotation on the phone; vertical or horizontal. Leaving it on causes the phone to charge faster. Because my phone sensor monitors how the phone is held, then turns the screen


There are people who open a lot of things on their phones. When they enter an application they will minimize, then log in to another, and then minimize to log in to another, and so on. Without them thinking that all the open applications continue to work in secret. And among them are apps that use Ram, Storage, Camara, some and Map among others. In short, many tasks are completed at the same time. This is also a great way to charge your phone. Because it gets hotter every time the application is finished turn it off completely before opening another one. This will increase the speed of the phone and you will not have to charge it quickly.


Checking the setting of the battery is very important to see how many charging applications or applications are useless at the time. The battery setting can be used to control how applications will use the battery. This will greatly reduce the risk of overcharging the phone.

Phone Causes and Solutions


This is also a method that slows down the charging process. Because every time a message falls on the phone it lights up, Increase Vibration. And you will see that there is someone who uses whatsapp software and members of the group are unlimited, every time there is a sharing from these groups his phone notifies him of incoming messages no matter how many. Every time a message enters the phone it lights up or sounds and if you look there are many applications that use notification, Text Messaging, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on… So if there is an application that you do not need notification then enter the application settings you will see where Notification Setting then turn it off, doing so will reduce charging on your phones.


It is also a way of charging the phone faster. There are those whose phone is always in vibration but there is a reason to do so. Whenever a call comes in or notification the phone will shake to alert the owner. This results in faster charging protection. So it is better to notice when vibration is needed and when it is not needed. This will reduce the risk of overcharging.


Leave wifi, bluetooth and Map open after use such as sharing or browsing. This speeds up the charging of the phone. Because leaving them open is part of their research work even if they are minimized. It is best to disable them as soon as they are used.


During the summer, phones are more prone to overcharging. The same is true when charging is not slow in time or temperature. So it is best to control the phone in a place where it is not too hot.

In short, these are the factors that cause the charge to slow down in the end


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