Stop Comparing Gospel Music Ministers (Nathaniel Bassey)

Award winning singer/songwriter and Renowned Worship Leader, Nathaniel Bassey took to his social media platforms to warn those who have been comparing him to his colleagues in the industry to stop doing so.
He noted that the practice “cannot be of God” and can only engender strife and unhealthy competition. He rebuked those tagging him in such posts to stop as he would not be a part of those who seek to divide the body of Christ.
He pens down; “Dear friends, please don’t tag me on those posts that show the pictures of different music ministers and ask which is better, more anointed or trendy. This spirit CANNOT be of God. We are not of those that compare themselves with themselves. In our KINGDOM, we don’t compete. Instead, we join forces to make our GOD known and praised. These things only engender strife, competition and division. And I will not a party to things that seek to divide the body of Christ. I’m doing this as I am constantly tagged on such posts.”


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