{MUSIC VIDEO} Michael Ketterer ~ Rebels

{MUSIC VIDEO} Michael Ketterer ~ Rebels 

“America’s Got Talent” fan favorite, Michael Ketterer, and his band Influence Music have released a “post-Apocalyptic” music video to accompany their new album, Rebels.
Ketterer, a former United Pursuit member-turned-worship pastor at Influence Church in Anaheim, California, is a member of the band and record company alongside Matt Gilman, Melody Noel and Whitney Medina. The faith-based artist collective was birthed during a songwriters’ retreat that took place months before Ketterer’s “America’s Got Talent” appearance. According to the group’s website, they are “dedicated to facilitating the creation and release of music that glorifies God.” 
The progressive worship group premiered their video/short-film on New Release Today on July 18, ahead of their album release.  
“‘The new album and short film is a bold declaration of God’s affection for those deemed least worthy of his love,” Melody Noel told NRT. “It’s about not conforming to the pattern of this world and standing in truth no matter the cost!”
Noel told NRT that they hope the music video visually communicates the message of their new album in a way that would “be innovative and evangelistic.” 
“The ‘Rebels’ short film was the result,” she added. 
“Set in a post-apocalyptic world where Christianity is forbidden, a band of misfit children seeks to save the lost through the message of the Gospel. With resounding tones of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, the short film illuminates redemption through the visible restoration of innocence,” the video synopsis reads.
Ketterer first gained national attention in 2018 on “America’s Got Talent.” His performance on one of the show’s most moving episodes was hailed by judge Simon Cowell.
A father of six, five of whom he adopted from foster care, Ketterer brought Cowell to tears after his soulful rendition of James Bay’s “Us.” Cowell choked up as he told the singer how inspiring his life has been to everyone on the show.
The judge called Ketterer an “amazing human being.”
The singer was also featured on “I Am Second.” The powerful video shares Ketterer’s full adoption story. In the testimonial, the worship leader and his wife, Ivy, talked about their experience as parents who adopted their five sons through foster care.
Influence Music released its debut album, Touching Heaven, in May 2018 and hope to continue that momentum with their new album, Rebels.

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