Happy new month and independence from 9jagospelblog

In this new month, the 10th month, the month of freedom, the month of visitation.
By the authority of God, you shall gain total freedom from all satanic oppressions in this month. There shall be visitation of the Ark of blessings, breakthrough, healing, prosperity, promotion, success, abundance, mercy, favour, positive change and turn around for good to your life, house and to every member of your family by the power of God. Every visible and invisible battle that will be raised against you and your household from any satanic kingdom or altar shall be defeated by the hosts of heaven. God in His authority will cancel every evil arrangement to make your house a deposit ground or last bus stop for evil news, sorrow, weeping, failure and poverty. Nigeria shall be GREAT AGAIN and she will dwell in the land of abundance in the name of Jesus Christ. 1 Samuel 6:1-12. Happy New month and 58th independent celebration.

Team 9jagospelblog


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