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A pioneering force behind the evolution of the modern expressive style of Nigerian gospel music, Mr. Peculiar is one among the moral force and most adept in true worship; renowned for his imaginative arrangements, progressive harmonies, and all-around versatility.
Upon recording his first album (SOTERIA) in 2003, Mr. Peculiar’s popularity began to grow. He wowed audiences with his flamboyant theatrics, rejecting the long tradition of “flat-footed” singers rooted in place on-stage in favor of running up the aisles and rocking prayerfully on his knees. Indeed, the frenetic showmanship of R’n’B and soul music may have had its origins in Mr. Peculiar’s manic intensity, itself an emulation of true worship. At the same time, his harmonies continued to grow more sophisticated; the addition of Jeremiah Gyang and Ebenezer Irene as his producers completed the circle… His virtuosity did not go unnoticed by audiences, and throughout the North, Mr. Peculiar regularly played to packed Churches.

One would begin to marvel at how one individual could be so extraordinarily blessed.
It’s no exaggeration; Mr. Peculiar possesses a rich, clear voice that flows so smoothly from his vocal cords.
His songs are such that create an instant intimate atmosphere to connect to heaven while provoking the heart to intense worship with God. He draws inspiration from situations and happenings around him. He is also a lover of nature, So much that a beautiful and lush environment can inspire him to write a song.
He is a native of kafanchan in Kaduna state, born in Wusasa Zaria and spent part of his growing years in jaji (army barracks).He is also a graduate of Agricultural Engineering from the prestigious Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger state in Nigeria. Mr. Peculiar has also attained great heights and done great exploits through the years. In 2002, he came FIRST BEST IN CONTEMPORARY MUSIC at The Night of a Thousand Praise organized by Dr Panam Percy Paul in collaboration with Pastor Emmanuel Nuhu Kure of The Throne Room Trust Ministries. He has featured in many albums and ministered in different concerts across the country. Mr. Peculiar is a disciplined, kind, humbly and witty person. He has the ability of making one feel real special, and he seeks for the good in everyone as his favorite quote says,” If you are looking out for people with pimples, then you will find a world around you that is badly in need of antibiotics”.
For every time you spend with this Unique Gentleman, he leaves you a word to ponder on. You’ll hear him say, ‘ Selah’. Without any doubt, you will add more lines to these paragraphs in your own description after listening to songs from Mr. Peculiar.


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