Nach Wils – Kauna ft. Sam Slim [MP3]

Music: Nach Wils ft. Sam Slim – Kauna

Sensational Gospel Music Veteran Nach Wils is here with his first track in 2022 titled Kauna.

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Kauna is a Hausa word which means Love this time around featuring Sam Slim.

Download Kauna ft. Sam Slim by Nach Wils Below


Lyrics of Kauna Remix by Nach Wils and Sam Slim

ah Nach Wils
i got Sam slim on this one
Kauna kauna kauna yea
kauna kauna kauna yea

(Nach Wils)
first of all lemme say bye to X love
duniya dani dake no more
na sake ki(daya)na sake ki(biyu)
na sake ki(uku)
Bana sake son kiI gat a new love
sweet love
Jesus Christ is my new love
Nach Wils Juliet
Jesus Christ is my romio

kauna ye yee
kauna ye yee
kauna ye yee
kauna yeee

Verse 2
(Nach Wils) ah am not gay if I be your wife
it is my gain if for you I loose my life
gimme oil lemme burn till you arrive
stay together, stay like four and five
this love is not about the figure 8
unconditional never mind what I get
even I fall so short you never showed me hate
You called me my sweet chocolate
Nach Wils Jesus ah
best friends in the universe
Jesus the church ah
best couple in the universe

(Sam Slim)
Kauna kauna kauna yea
kauna kauna kauna yea

(Nach Wils)
he told me that he loves you
from his heart he told me that to tell you
we ain’t rival when he loves you
You and I is one body we belong to(2ce)


verse 3 (Sam slim)
when I think about the things you’ve done for me eaye yah
I can’t deny your love
eah eah eah eah eaye yah
your love is pure your love is kind
kaunar ka ba iyaka yeh ayi ya ya
sometimes I dey look for my Jehovah jareh
his my Romio my Romio
he always make things soft and simple
I cannot deny it he is my rock my salvation
he make things always alright
(your love is kind
your love is patient
I cannot deny Yeh yiyi ya) 2ce




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