When your phone is lost or stolen, there are a few things you can do right away.

Losing a smartphone either to theft, mishandling, or the other mishap are often a very horrible experience. Normally, subsequent step to require after the occurrence of a smartphone loss is to undertake to recover the device, before replacement involves mind — i.e when recovery fails.

The actions below are a number of the simplest things we expect you ought to do swiftly as soon as you discover your device has gone missing.

Stolen Phone

1. Track or Locate the Device

The first advised step is to work out where you device is. this may help tell if your phone was stolen or mislaid, otherwise you forget it at an occasion you attended.

If you’ve got tracking and monitoring apps previously installed on the device, you’ll easily track them. There are an honest number of Android tracking apps available on the Google Play Store and likewise, App Store, for tracking iOS devices.

Alternatively, you can use the phone manufacturer’s services to track down your phone. For iPhone users, Find My iPhone could be the best phone tracking service, while Find My Device is for Android users.

These apps and services allow you remotely “call” your device to ascertain if it around you (maybe lying somewhere within the kitchen drawer) and provides map and satellite locations, too.

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Either after successful tracking of your phone and you discover that it’s in an unknown location, or all tracking efforts have proved abortive and your phone remains unreachable, subsequent neatest thing to try to to is that the change the password of important apps with sensitive information.

2. Change password

Banking apps, email, cloud storage, electronic wallets, and social media apps all have passwords. Some monitoring apps and services also allow you to remotely lock your smartphone with a new security code, preventing someone who has your phone from accessing its contents.

3. Contact your Network Carrier

If you continue to cannot reach your phone, otherwise you are now sure that it’s in someone else’s possession, subsequent point of action would be to contact your network carrier to dam services on the phone (SIM card) and also commence service retrieval processes.

4. Contact your Bank

It is always recommended that you simply contact the financial institution(s) through which you create monetary transactions on the missing device. Inform them about the state of your phone and instruct them to temporarily restrict the amount from completing any transactions till you retrieve your phone or number.

This action is especially important in Nigeria as phone thieves can gain access to your Bank Verification Number (BVN) by dialing a USSD code on your device. Combine this together with your email and SMS bank alerts, they will launch a social Engineering campaign to swindle you, your bank, your home of labor or your family and friends.

5. Make contact with relatives and coworkers.

It is also highly recommended that you simply notify relative and therefore the people at your workplace about your missing device, particularly if you employ the phone to access work-related data and knowledge . Informing your colleagues and employer are going to be an awesome idea.

6. Wipe/ Erase Contents of the Phone

Depending on the contents of the missing phone, this is often actually the last item that’s advised to try to to — i.e if the likelihood of ever getting the phone back is zero (or very on the brink of zero).

The good thing about this is often that it also can be done remotely — via phone tracking/monitoring apps and services, or authorities with relevant equipment to remotely wipe data off a missing/stolen phone.

However, you ought to know that after wiping data off a phone, the probabilities of recovering the device later within the future are slim.


The above 6 items are a number of the precautionary actions you ought to take once you notice your smartphone is missing. Doing these will ensure 2 things:

1. that you simply recover your phone.
2. that’s the case where phone recovery fails, you are doing not lose other things (like money, data, etc.) within the end of the day .

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