Install Android system on iPhone? Samsung gave a 1 minute solution (including tutorial)

Can someone install android on iPhone? A one-minute solution was given by Samsung (including tutorial)
From the “Powered by Android” copycat iPhone to using screenshots to “swipe” the iPhone into the Android system, we’ve seen tons of stories about “iPhone can use Android”, and within the relevant comment area, there’s always “When does the iPhone make it?” “Use Android” sigh.

Now, this concept is “realized”.

iTest may be a Web App system simulation tool officially launched by Samsung . It can assist you experience Samsung’s One UI on iPhone without downloading. Although Samsung has only promoted it in New Zealand, this website is out there worldwide.

After entering the web site , click on the share button below, and choose “Add to Home Screen” on the upper swipe. “Samsung iTest” icon is right there on the home screen.
Click on the icon to open a simulated Android system: Hello, One UI.
In iTest, you’ll receive text messages from friends, and you’ll also attempt to text them. I even receive garbled codes and apologies from friends with children.
You will receive calls from friends and you’ll also make outgoing calls. don’t be concerned , these operations are virtual, just to allow you to experience and familiarize yourself with the operations of 1 UI.
Pull right down to enter the status bar, slide up to enter the app drawer, and slide right to enter the negative one screen. All operations are an equivalent together UI. If you do not play carefully, you’ll really make it fake.
Of course, this simulated UI isn’t perfect, the folder can’t be opened, the app isn’t fully functional, and reminders appear on the horizontal screen, and therefore the operation is slightly stuck. iTest is simply a marketing tool of Samsung, and not a usable OS .
And once I use another Android phone to scan the QR code, the webpage will job my memory that this is often specially prepared for iPhone users, please share it with iPhone users. Using such a form to “cultivate user habits” seems to imply something.

After all, because the mobile brand with the very best share of smartphones within the world, Samsung isn’t within the first place in North America, Oceania and other regions. Instead, it allows Apple, which has only a couple of mobile phones, to be far ahead. Even in Samsung’s headquarters in East Asia, Apple’s market share in Greater China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan remains above Samsung’s.

Many people think that Samsung’s “Blast Door” incident (2016) has only gradually declined in China. In fact, Xiaomi emerged in 2014 and surpassed Samsung to rank first. In 2015, the highest five domestic mobile sales (Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple, OPPO) , Vivo) there’s not the shadow of Samsung.

Mobile phone sales
Insufficient localization, interface functions that don’t conform to the aesthetics of the Chinese people, and insufficient system optimization, including the company’s lengthy hierarchical mechanism, have allowed Samsung to retreat and retreat within the Chinese market. However, Apple, which is additionally an imported brand, is in ecological, software and hardware, and native markets. In terms of chemistry, the higher .

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In recent years, with the update and iteration of 1 UI and therefore the innovation of imaging system, Samsung is keen to let more users know that the present Galaxy is way beyond that of the past. Then, iPhone users who have experienced iTest, have they been impressed by Samsung One UI? Are you getting to change your phone?

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