How to Make Better Woodworking with Technology

Despite the fact that most people believe woodworking is primarily manual labor, many technical advancements continue to improve this industry. You’ll use modern technology advances for improved woodworking if you’re looking for ways to think smarter, not harder.

Every modern woodworker desires a group of tools that allow them to figure quickly and more productively.

Below are some new tech tools which will assist you to achieve that.



Tenoners are devices that use saw blades or cutter heads to create projections (called tenons) on wooden parts. On sites like SawsHub, you’ll also find tools and additional knowledge about tenoners, so you can use them to accurately trim the corners of workpieces. Auto system changers are often used by tenoners to reduce setup times.

To precisely chop materials, use small-diameter tools with variable-speed router spindles.

Tenoners with tool shift magazines are also available for additional versatility. A graphical guide, diagnostics, and a device front-end with memory can be included in such tenoners.

Tenoners with specialized applications are also available. Depending on your needs, these devices are built for versatile or high-volume manufacturing. They also have out-feed and in-feed systems, which help to cut down on production time.

Spindle Moulder

Spindle molders trim and shape wood. They also increase precision to scale back setup time and have a revolving spindle that rotates at different speeds. These machines also are compatible with drill bits of various shapes and sizes which you’ll use to drill into a glass.
They also accompany shaw guards that prevent injuries. you’ll also use a ring-fence to extend simple use and safety if you propose to figure on curved designs. However, if you would like to perform standard work, you’ll got to use a hard and fast fence.

CNC Router

These tools, also known as CNC routers, perform various woodworking operations such as slicing multiple wood pieces and then cutting them into decorative carvings using your computer’s gui.

You can use a desktop CNC router to quickly bolt together various pieces of wood and load a CAD program into your computer before performing CNC woodworking. Computer-aided design, or CAD, is a tool that assists you in designing what you want to chop.

CNC routers will now cut small sections like door panels. They can also turn a rough piece of wood into a smooth texture and vice versa. They will also create relief carvings and signs. Desktop CNC routers can be used for a variety of tasks and are simple to operate.


This smart tool provides table saw safety because it features a 5-millisecond safety response. This tool stops the blade whenever it comes on the brink of contact together with your fingers to stop severe injuries. Additionally, the blade features a small electrical signal that detects contact together with your skin.

Since your body is conductive, the signal shifts when your fingers are near the blade. This is what turns on the security system. Sawstop saws even have an aluminum brake built into the rotating blade to stop it right away.

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The angular force of the blade forces it below the table, removing the risk of collision. When this occurs, the motor’s facility is usually turned off, keeping you secure.


Edgebanders come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some have glue pots and are operated electronically, while others have hot-air mechanisms that enable pre-glued edgebanding. On edge banders, these tools are used to fix and renovate glue pots.

They also allow you to increase your efficiency and productivity when working on projects. They use PUR or EVA glue to glue sheet materials to the edging automatically. PUR, on the other hand, is an excellent option because it is heat and water-resistant.


Your woodworking projects might not require a number of the above tools. However, there are new technologies that will meet your needs and enhance your woodworking productivity. Don’t worry, these tools are easy to use and need low maintenance.

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