* Bishop Kukah – This Is What Brought About The New Biafra Agitation

Bishop Kukah blamed the government for the poor way in handled the issue of renewed Biafra agitationHe blamed poverty for some violent acts in the countryHe cited affluent areas as examples of the effect of wealth on good conduct.Most Rev Matthew Hassan Kukah has revealed that the renewed agitation for the actualisation of Biafra was caused by the government ’s poor strategy in handling the issue .The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto shared his thoughts in the 2016 edition of Truth Magazine .He said : “ The so called movement for Biafra has gestated more as a result of the poor strategy that the government may have adopted in dealing with these issues .”“ Nothing succumbs to mere mono -causality . Everything is always the result of many other isolated things that finally come together. Some times , it is more important to ask what may have provided the conditions. So , again , the so called movement for Biafra has gestated more as a result of the poor strategy that the government may have adopted in dealing with these issues .”


Kukah said poverty was the main ingredient of violence in the country as affluent places recorded less violent issues .‘’Extremism in whatever form operates in an environment of weak government ’s presence , which tends to create a climate of corruption . This is why most of the violence often springs from the periphery of society where poverty exists . It is also the reasons why you hardly find violence expressed in places like Asokoro, Victoria Island or the GRAs where the big men and women live together surrounded by their wealth , power and privilege which enables them to live peacefully. Violence is bred by the fact that the poor are often fighting over water for example and other scarce commodities that the big men and women take for granted .Extremism thrives in the pools of poverty and destitution and its victims are often the foot soldiers .’’On whether religious violence in the country starts from political attacks he said : “ It can start from anywhere , but the failure of politics does help and to the extent that politics is about the distribution of resources, where this is not done equitably , people are often predisposed to violence . So , political failure may be a necessary but not a sufficient condition .”Meanwhile , the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB ) lashed out at their pro-Biafra counterpart , the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra and the Niger Delta Avengers for threatening the country ’s peace .IPOB supreme council condemned their activities and said they probably did not witness the Biafra war .“ Preachers of violence might be infants or non – existent during the 30 -month Nigerian Civil War . ”



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