Popular prophet, Dr. Chris Okafor came under a strange unction on Sunday, March 20, 2016 during service at his Liberation City Church headquarters, when he gave the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El Rufai an ultimatum regarding his impending Religious Bill, expected to be passed any moment.

The man of God started by reading out the details of the proposed bill from a mobile phone and thenhe screamed, “El Rufai, Herod, leave the church alone! ”He then went on to explain the potential anti-christian implications of the bill and warned that ElRufai was only being used to test run somethingthat would later become a bigger plan to Islamize Nigeria, and that if El Rufai is left to go ahead withthe bill unchallenged, that at least five more Northern States will follow suite, then all the Northern States and finally, the rest of Nigeria.

Before his congregation of several thousand worshippers and on live television viewed by millions of people in more 160 countries around the world, he sent a strong warning to Governor ElRufai declaring “It will not happen in my time… it will not happen in your time… it will not be on record that it happened in my time… No! It will not happen!” to a thunderous applause from the congregation.

He then continued “El Rufai taketime! God is angry with you! You have 14 days toreverse that law or the wrath of God will comeagainst you! You should count it, 14 days from today (March 20, 2016), he has 14 days to reverse and invalidate that law… if he refuses to do so, he should expect the wrath of God to visit him! Speaking to journalist who thronged the worship center upon the declarations, the man of God said,“I prayed very well, and the Lord told me to go ahead and warn El Rufai.

And I want you all to count 14 days from the day of the prophecy (March 20, 2016).

If he does not retrace his steps and abandon that bill, God will take steps to hono rHis words. 14 days! Please count it”